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FAQ’s for Juliet Andrews Candles

How to use our candles

All of our candles are made using Soy wax, cotton wicks and quality fragrance oils. They are handmade from our little home kitchen and hand poured with love. I take pride in making them myself. The only cheat is that I buy the wicks pre tabbed! We have to make life a little easier sometimes, right?

To get the most from your candles, do the following:

  • Trim your wick!!! To maximise the life of your candle, generate a good burn pool and help to release more scent throw, keep your wick trimmed between 4-5mm. Too short and the wick will drown once the candle is lit. Too long and this could cause the flame to dance around too much and create black soot.

Make sure any wick trimmings are removed before lighting.


  • Ensure on the first burn, that you let it do just that. Soy candles retain pool memory. I suggest that on your first burn, burn for at least 2 hours so that the pool reaches the sides of the candle. If you only burn your container candles for a short amount of time, it will retain its original memory and only reach as far as it melted the first time.

Candles can have a life of its own and may burn to one side more than the other. You can push the wick to the centre while hot with the match you used to light your candle or after just being blown out and the wax is still soft.


  • Do not move your candle once lit or while cooling. Containers can get very hot!


  • Always place your candle on a flat surface. Do not place candles underneath shelves- the heat can sometimes burn a mark underneath.


  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat.


  • Keep candles out of reach of pets, children and flammable material.


  • If burning more than one candle, keep them at least 4 inches apart.


  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR CANDLE UNATTENDED and double check its out!



– We accept returns and exchanges  here at Juliet Andrews Candles within 14 days of delivery, but you must notify us within 5 days of receiving your item.  The postage of a return is covered by the buyer and the items must be returned in their original packaging, in its original condition.

-Personalised items such as wedding favours and christening gifts cannot be returned.

-If your item arrives damaged in the post, please send us an email with pictures of any damage. We take pride in our postal packaging and expect our items to arrive in the condition it left in.

A refund or exchange once images are checked, will be given

  • No refund is given if you choose to cancel your order as some items are made especially.


Delivery for Juliet Andrews Candles

There are various options you can choose at the checkout, be it 2nd class or first class post.

Items will be sent by Royal Mail. If over 2kg, parcels will be sent via Royal Mail, who use Parcel Force to deliver the items 

 -2nd Class  up to 1.7kg - £3.10

 -1st Class  up to 0.8kg - £3.65

 -1st Class 0.8kg- 1.7kg - £5.60

This takes into consideration packaging size and contents weight. This is calculated at checkout. Please choose the correct postage you require.


Free collection from our address will still be available. With business and family commitments, we can longer offer free delivery. Free collection from our address on the candle label will still be available and this will be discussed by email once an order has been placed. We will ensure collection is at a convenient time for both parties.

If collection is cancelled more than twice, without a suitable reason, your order will be cancelled and if payment has been made already, a refund will be issued.