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We value all your opinions on our products. Here are some reviews from customers and bloggers about the candles and wax melts they have tried. All reviews here come from Facebook and Instagram.


“10/10 – I would compare these melts to the likes of the Yankee melts and go as far as to say the scent throw is even better. I can burn these in one room of my house and smell them in the other and the scent lingers!”



“I bought a whole bunch of candles to give away as gifts in December so I got to smell all of them before they got wrapped up. Everything smelled amazing but my top points go to the cinnamon, pina colada and chocolate orange scents. Highly recommended! ***** ”

L Hall


“I have never had such a lushious smelling parcel arrive at my door! Beautiful scents, lovely packaging and amazing value, they last so long! I also ordered some coasters and again blown away by the quality they’re simply gorgeous! Will be back for more!!! Choc orange is my fave scent so far… ***** ”

J. Lina


“Bought the coconut and the lavender candles at the church fete, I would honestly say they smell nicer than some of the big brands. *****”

B. Lunn


“Seriously can not recommend these candles enough. I love candles that bring back memories and these candles do just that! I adore them and would buy more and more and more!*****”

H. Barnes